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Chapter Recruitment

Thanks so much to all the ladies who came out to our Fall 2017 Recruitment! We are so lucky to have pledged 14 beautiful ladies - here's to our Alpha Sigma ladies.



Ladies looking to pledge into Kappa can email with any questions you may have!

How Recruitment and Pledging to a Sorority Works

So you've decided to join a sorority... but you have no idea what 'pledging' (otherwise known as rushing) entails!  We are here to break down the process of what rushing to what a sorority will be like, and how you can best ensure you get an all-desired bid!

Step 1 - Figure out that you actually you want to join a sorority. Do sororities' values of sisterhood, loyalty and friendship coincide with your personal values? This is the easy part! Research all of the potential sororities in your university/area to ensure you are well-versed in each of the greek organizations you will be associating with.

Step 2 - Find out when the sororities are holding information sessions. Showing up to any of these events is a good way to meet members from each of the different sororities, and see which you might be most interested in. As well, by making an appearance to each sorority, members are sure to recognize you when you come out to later events

Step 3 - Find out when recruitment week is! During this week, sisters from both sororities will work diligently to put on events throughout the week for Potential New Members (PNMs) to attend. The purpose of these events is to give PNMs a sense of what each sorority stands for, so attendees will be able to decide which organization they would like to pledge to.

  • Tips when attending these events - Be yourself! Acting like something you are not will just ensure you don't get matched to the sorority that best represents you as an individual. Being true to who you are will mean sisters can get to know the real you, and when you rush it will mean they love you all the more.
  • Dress so that you feel good - there will be a lot of photos taken of you. When you enter the events, your photo will most likely be taken at registration so the sorority can determine who you are when sisters are placing their bids. Afterwards, you are definitely going to want to take lots of pictures with your new rushing friends!
  • There will be multiple events held throughout recruitment week -- don't worry, you don't have to attend all of them, especially if you have night classes or a job. All of the sororities are committed to both education and extracurricular/working activities, so we understand! However, you should attempt to attend as many events as possible so the sisters get to spend time with you; the more time with you, the more likely you will leave a lasting impression.

Step 4 - Score an invite to the sorority's (or sororities') invitational(s). This invitation-only event is held the night before bid day, and invites are extended to those girls who attended sororities' recruitment events. During this event, you will be asked to rank your bids for each sorority you attended an invitational for. Rank the sororities in order of which you would like to join most! Simultaneously, girls from each of the individual sororities will be bidding for you to join their sorority.

Step 5 - Wait for your bid! During recruitment, you will be asked to fill out a variety of information about yourself, including your phone number. The sororities will call you to let you know you have received a bid, however you will not be told which bid you received. It is up to you to make sure you are free for bid day, because you will be asked to go to a specified location to read your bid. Once there, you will be given your bid, and then it's up to you to celebrate!